WhatsApp to Share Users Account Information with Facebook

Three days ago (i.e. 25th Aught, 2016), WhatsApp modified its terms of service to allow it share users account information with Facebook. It is no longer news that the company is now a part of the Facebook family of companies. In fact, that happened way back in 2014.

What is news is that we are beginning to find answers to many questions industry watchers have been asking since then – that how does Facebook intend to make profit out of the company.

A Key Update to WhatsApp Terms of Service

According to the latest change in its terms of service, WhatsApp will now have the right to share its massive one billion user base accounts’ information with Facebook the moment users choose to accept its updated Terms and Privacy Policy. According to them, this information will be used to improve user’s Facebook ads and product experiences.

By default, every user has been signed up for this. You can confirm this by going to Setting > Account on the application. They are however giving existing users the option to opt out if they choose to within 30 days of accepting the new Terms and Privacy Policy. If you choose not to allow WhatsApp do this, they say you will not have the chance reverse your decision again. In other words, after 30 days of accepting the new Terms and Privacy Policy, your choice is “locked” in.

You can view the full Key Updates by clicking HERE

How will this affect me?

Well this is simple. Facebook ads has become one of the most popular ways of advertising out there. By getting your consent to use your WhatsApp information, Facebook intends to improve its chances of targeting you with the right advertisements of products and services you are most likely to patronize. This will consequently improve its own chances of becoming and remaining the number one online ads provider for sellers worldwide.

What WhatsApp is not telling

WhatsApp however seems to be intentionally silent regarding the choice a “new user” will have as different from an “existing user”. This is obvious in the way they qualified the word “user” in this section of the revised Terms of Service. A “new user” will probably be someone who is just using WhatsApp for the first time but are there chances this could be defined in a broader way?

Somehow it might turn out that we have little choice in all these regarding how deep WhatsApp has become a part of our lives but hopefully, the company will stay true to its impressive and commendable commitment to continue to protect its users’ privacy – a commitment which has arguably made it the number one messaging application in the World.

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