What’s rumbling inside of your car…

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Carmudi listens to the most random car noises and tells you what they mean

Sounds from the depths of your car reveal a lot about its overall state. They can be annoying or even harmless but they can also indicate that there is a serious problem. Reckless drivers tend to risk increased wear, if not damaged tyres or undercarriage. However, your car fights back! It starts to rumble, tremble, crack, buzz or clatter out of places you are not even aware of. Carmudi, the world’s fastest growing online car classified has played detective and kept its ears open to what a car has to ‘say’.

Be aware of these alarming sounds that a car is able to release when something is off:

Buzz: You sense a slight buzzing sound when driving on a slippery road? Suspected is the profile of the tyre tread; a saw-tooth profile is responsible for making that noise. The cause may be a worn shock absorber.

Clack: The main reason behind a clacking noise might be the driving shaft, situated between the gearbox and wheel. In order for the connection to be flexible, there is a ball joint, since the wheel has to feather and is taken for steering. Unfortunately, these rubber cuffs around the joint will rip sooner or later. Grease comes out, the bearing wears out and must be replaced.

Crack: You sense a cracking noise when steering? The culprit is easy to be found – the suspension spring. The one to two centimeters thick, springy steel wire has a tendency to break. To detect the problem, have the vehicle lifted and the tyres removed.

Rattle: A rattling sound is likely to occur when the exhaust system is loose, also when being in slight contact with another part of the car, for example loose brake pads or break calipers.

Rumble: It rumbles when you’re driving over cobblestones? Blame the coupling bar! It is supposed to stabilize the undercarriage and ensure ease in the motor compartment. What’s rumbling here are worn bearings of the coupling bar.

Scrape: It could be as easy as that – You are either dragging a branch of a tree with you that is now rubbing against your tyres, your hand brake is still on or your brake shoes are extremely worn. Have a look underneath your car first…

Squeal: Most squealing in an automobile comes from either of the two locations – the timing belts or the brakes. Belts could be slipping while brakes often squeal when either engaged in stopping or when the pads are worn to a low level and the “Warning Sensor” squeals to notify you it is time to get your brakes replaced.

Tremble: If you think there’s a trembling sensation when operating the steering wheel, it is possible that your tyres are not balanced correctly. Your workshop will take care of it with the help of a balancing machine.

Whirr: A whirring noise coming from near the gas tank could mean that the fuel pump is beginning to fail, which can be very expensive to repair. Better not let your fuel tank go below a quarter of a tank to keep the fuel pump cool and lubricated.

Don’t ignore your car’s ‘secret messages’ – it desperately wants to tell you something. Better visit your nearest workshop for clarification as it often prevents you from expensive damage.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned above is subject to judgement of the driver behind the wheel. The car sounds are likely to vary depending on the car model, make and type. So please consult your local mechanic before you get your hands dirty in grease and oil.

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