This week is International Customer Service Week

This week (Monday 7th – Friday 11th) is International Customer Service Week. The event is an internationally recognized one, event devoted to identifying the importance of customer service and to honoring the people who serve and support customers each day. Celebrated annually during the first full week in October, Customer Service Week is celebrated in over 40 countries, Nigeria inclusive.

Customer Service Week provides a unique opportunity for service and support professionals around the globe to join in a celebration of the important role that customer service plays in every organization. The five core goals of Customer Service Week are:

  1. Boost morale, motivation and teamwork.
  2. Reward frontline reps for the important work they do all year long.
  3. Raise companywide awareness of the importance of customer service.
  4. Thank other departments for their support.
  5. Remind customers of your organization’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Participating institutions in Nigeria include leading financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, communications, not-for-profit and educational organizations, as well as government agencies and others. The uniting denominator is the deep commitment to quality customer care.

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1 thought on “This week is International Customer Service Week

  • Oyeyemi B. Adu


    International Customer week to behold. I have been defrauded by three Nigerian banks, namely First City Monument Bank PLC, Guaranty Trust Bank PLC and StanbicIBTC Bank PLC on the issue of witholding tax deducted from my interest income without certificate of payment from the Tax Authority as evidence of tax payment. All my complaints to the Central Bank of Nigeria , Nigeria Police Force and Consumer Protection Council have not yielded any positive result. We do not have good customer service in Nigeria because Nigeria is a backward State and things are not done here in accordance to international best practices. We, however, look forward to a change in the nearest future.

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