Egg, a source of second class protein, is in high demand as it is known to serve various purposes .These vary from consumption to hair treatment, making it one of the most lucrative trade to venture into. OYEWOLE PRISCILLA reports.

Trading in eggs is one area grossly underestimated. It has more opportunities to offer than it is viewed. The reason for this is not far-fetched as this desired meal does not appeal only to the baking class, but has a wider consumer outreach evolving around hair dressers, an average person and even traditionalists.

Poultry owners and egg depot managers have testified to the lucrative business of egg selling. Mr Olaonipekun Tunde, owner of TUNKEM agro services enterprises told The Nation that in the past decade, he has been trading in the business. “I produce up to a thousand crates daily and I distribute twice in a week which is Monday and Thursday,” he said.

Regular customers of egg include Chefs or Bakers, because the product is a major ingredient in most pastries, dough and meals as it is a convenient and efficient raising agent making them shop for eggs in their large quantities. It also gives fluffiness to cakes, doughnut and the likes.

Also, the compatibility of egg with meals is another reason for its demand as it can be enjoyed with moi-moi, bread, rice, indomie by people of all ages most especially children and youths. It can also be made into Egg custard, milk shake, Egg pasta and so on. Most travellers enjoy eating it boiled as a snack, thereby patronising highway egg sellers. It can be further relished in different forms as it can be eaten poached, scrambled, omelette and so on.

Hairdressers also use it for hair treatment when mixed with some other ingredients in order to steam hair to prevent and reduce hair breakage.

Egg’s diversity does not stop at the egg white or yoke but the shell is also important. The egg shell can be used in different ways like chicken and bird feed, first aid treatment, pan scrubber, cosmetic boaster, pest deterrent in gardens, boasts calcium in tomatoes, gives radiant skin, reduce bitterness in coffee and so many other uses.

The fact that eggs are cheap and affordable by people of all class has also made it one best-selling staple food. They come in various prices depending on their sizes. From the poultry, they are sold in three prices .They can be priced as N400, N550 and N600. For retail price, they are sold at N25 or N30 per egg. In bulk, a crate is sold for N700 or N650 while half crate sells at N350 or N330. They can be purchased from any poultry farm, egg depot or stores close to you. Most individuals even sell from their cars or at home. They can also be gotten on the high-way to serve travellers.

All these gives reason to shop for egg from time to time in both small and large quantities making it one of the best-selling staple foods in the market.

Even though it seems to be all good for egg sellers, some negative factors like bad road amidst all others affect their profit level due to egg’s fragility. The vulnerability of egg to the slightest bumps, pot holes has made bad roads to be bad for business. It is therefore pertinent that all bad roads are repaired for egg business to continue to strive in Nigeria.

Oyewole Priscilla in The Nation

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