Nigerians divided on the security of mobile banking

mobile banking survey

In an online study carried out between October and December 2016, result shows that Nigerians are largely divided on the security of mobile banking. 1. Security of mobile banking use Respondents were asked if they believe that the use of mobile banking is secure. 39.44% said they disagree while 7.04% said that they partially disagree. […]

Mobile Banking in Nigeria: Participate in Survey

We are currently conducting a survey on the use of Mobile Banking services in Nigeria. We humbly request that you participate in this survey to enable us gather useful information and data that will provide insights into the use of mobile banking in Nigerians. Thank you for participating. [advanced_iframe securitykey=”0396a3f0d74156b5c152daabe3dca1f30185ba44″ scrolling=”none” src=””] _______________________________________ Survey not […]

Mobile Bank Hacking on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself

Cybercriminals are now increasingly exploring a new way to hack into consumer bank accounts through their mobile phones. By targeting mobile bank apps and stealing customers banking credentials and access information, hackers now hope to create a back door that easily gives them normal and legitimate access to your online bank account. Mobile phones are […]

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