How these food and drinks affect your drug medication

Some of what you eat and drink could reduce or increase the effect of your medications.


What you eat and drink could reduce or increase the effect of your medications. Dozens of other foods, including some that are part of a healthy diet are also risky to mix with certain medications. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid such foods completely, it just means that you have to be cautious. Experts […]

Nigerians should improve diet, dental health against heart Infection – Expert

heart problem

As part of efforts to stem the tide against heart-related diseases, the Medical Director, United Heart Hospital and Clinics (UHHC), Lagos, Dr. Eugene Nwosu, has called on Nigerians to improve their eating lifestyle, dental hygiene, among others. The cardiologist, who practiced for 33 years in the United States and other developed countries, identified some of […]

CBN promises further drop in inflation

Nigeria Consumer News

Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele said on Friday he expected inflation rate to fall at a faster pace and hit high single digit rates mid-next year. Speaking on a sideline of an investment conference at the London Stock Exchange, Emefiele said he was very optimistic that food prices would come down and as they […]

7 Poor Kitchen and Cooking Habits You Should Avoid

We all eat and most of our foods are cooked. In order to eat well therefore, we need to pay attention to how we cook and where we cook. Cooking well helps meals digest better, taste nicer, and also reduces the ingredients’ potential bacterial load. This article identifies and explains 7 common but poor kitchen and […]

Drop in Food prices recorded in Lagos markets

Since the beginning of this month, the prices of tomato and pepper which used to be extremely expensive have started falling, quantity has also increased. The situation was not like this in the last four months when many households faced hard times as prices of food items increased by over 100 per cent due to […]

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