9 Tips to get Companies to listen and act on your Complaint

Ever wondered how best to get companies to listen and act on your complaint rather than push it aside? Here are 9 tips that you can follow. Skip the phone lines Calling customer service lines can sometimes be a waste of time and money with little result. Except as last resort or where there is […]

9 Things to Do when calling Customer Service


Calling customer service or call center of a service provider we patronize to clarify issues, report problems, submit complaints or ask for one form of support or another is one thing we will have to do at one point or another. When we make such calls, there are few things we can do to ensure […]

Chi limited wins 2015 customer service excellence award

CHI Limited, the makers of Chivita, Hollandia, Capri-Sonne and SuperBite range of products, has won the 2015 Nigeria Customer Service Excellence Award for being the best Customer Service Company in the Beverage sector.  Chi Ltd, always known for it’s quality products, Loved Brands, and Excellent Customer Service, has received numerous awards over the years as […]

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