10 Warning Signs to Watch Out for in Older Vehicles

If you are using an older vehicle, there are certain red flags or warning signs to watch out for. Knowing them and taking precaution to deal with them will further prolong the use of the vehicle. Consumer Reports identifies and explains 10 of such signs.

vehicle maintenance

Getting 322,000 kilometers of use – or more – from a vehicle is an impressive feat, but it’s not impossible. Owners should be aware, though, that as a vehicle approaches that milestone, many of its components will start to wear out. You’ll see some warning signs, or red flags. Pay attention to them and you […]

The worst 5 Toyota cars and models since year 2000

The Toyota brand is one of the leading and most recognized car brands in Nigeria and all over the world. Various Toyota cars and models doted the Nigerian roads and are specifically sought after for their reputed second-hand value. Founded in by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a spinoff from his father’s company, Toyota Motor Corporation […]

Nigeria to phase out Tokunbo cars by 2034

Indication emerged on Thursday that imported used cars, otherwise known as Tokunbo, would still be around for the next 19 years. A new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers said tokunbo cars would be phased out of Nigeria’s automobile industry by 2034 if the Federal Government under Muhammadu Buhari would judiciously implement the auto policy introduced in 2013 […]

Why Nigerians still prefer ‘tokunbo’ vehicles – Dealers

High Customs duty charged by the Federal Government on imported brand new cars encourages the import of ‘tokunbo’ cars into the country, Daily Trust has learnt. Speaking exclusively to Daily Trust at the ongoing Auto Exhibition at the Eagle’s Square in Abuja, the Executive Director of CIG Motors Company Limited, Khadijah Junaid, lamented that it […]

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