Survey of consumers’ opinion on Baby Diapers in Nigeria

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Your child’s comfort and security is most important and a good diaper plays a vital role here. As early as the first two days of life, newborns pass stool 2 to 7 times each day. Newborns wet 2 to 6 diapers for the first 2 days and 6 to 10 each day thereafter. Changing diapers is both an important and enjoyable part of caring for your newborn. Therefore, the choice of a diaper is influenced by a number of factors.

This simple and short survey is on Consumers’ opinion on Baby Diapers in Nigeria, designed to educate and enlighten Nigerian consumers by investigating public’ opinion on key aspects of Diaper brands in Nigeria and how it affects consumers’ interest. The goal is to provide Nigerians with information on the quality, price and other relevant features of baby diaper brands in Nigeria (from consumers’ viewpoint) to help in arriving at a decision on what product to purchase. Please note that the questions are anonymous and will only take less than 3 minutes to complete.

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