Spectranet Launches Internet MiFi for Premium Customers

Spectranet 4G LTE, an internet service provider has introduced its premium MiFi that comes with unique classy features matched with speed and reliable data services.

The new release is part of its product development agenda to enrich consumers’ experience, especially the premium customers.

The product is designed to add tone to the quality of service rendered by Spectranet with its touch of sleek, classy, very portable and a 12 hour battery life, thereby giving a premium option to customers.

Speaking at the launch of the device in Lagos, Head of Marketing, Spectranet, Mike Ogor said the premium MiFi would sell for N22, 000 only and it is targeted at the high end users, who do not only want to have a technology tool for the sake of having one, but also feel good and fulfilled with the kind of device they use in their everyday life.

“The Premium MiFi is unique, beautiful, very admirable, pocket-friendly and trendy, fitting into everyday life of one that appreciates elegance and quality services. The battery life can stay up to 12 hours without power source. It has a front display screen that shows your data usage and the balance. Its stylish slim design makes it very easy to carry in your bag or pocket. And it can provide Wi-Fi to up to 10 simultaneously,” Ogor said.

“The Premium MiFi upgrades the customer to the next level of internet connection and keeps you ahead of others in style while enjoying additional benefits of fast, reliable and value-for-money internet connectivity. The cost of the MiFi is N22, 000 only,” he added.

According to him, “If you are using an Android device and you have the Huawei mobile Wi-Fi App installed, you can quickly connect your device to the premium MiFi to access the internet by scanning the Barcode on the premium MiFi label.”


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