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It is common for most expectant mums to get ecstatic about their unborn babies. In this euphoria, it is not unusual for would-be mothers (especially first timers) to go into a shopping frenzy, picking everything on the shelf the producer is careful enough to label as “excellent for your baby”. This is excusable, considering the fact that every mother (and of course father) wants the best her child.

On the long shopping list is one critical item that is usually within the first five – Baby diapers. Your child’s comfort and security is most important and a good diaper plays a vital role here. As early as the first two days of life, newborns pass stool 2 to 7 times each day. Newborns wet 2 to 6 diapers for the first 2 days and 6 to 10 each day thereafter.

Taste vs. Price?

However, what really informs your choice of the diaper you buy or stock for your child? Taste, affordability (price) or simply because your best friend or colleague in the office uses it for her baby and you feel it is okay for your baby? In Nigeria, the choice of baby diaper is influenced by all of the above. However, taste and price seem to have a higher level of influence on the consumers’ choice. While they (price and taste) occupy the primary position, other factors such as friend’s suggestion, expert’s advice, adverts, etc occupy the secondary position.

Whatever the case may be with you (financial constraint or affluence), the choice of a baby diaper should be influenced by the desire to make your child as comfortable as possible. Any diaper, as basic, must have the following qualities:

  1. Good absorbency. Fewer leaks mean less dirty laundry, happier babies and happier parents.
  2. A trim fit. Bulky diapers inhibit movement, especially for older babies and toddlers.
  3. Secure tabs or snaps. Closures should keep diapers secure, and toddlers shouldn’t be able to undo them.
  4. Comfortable material. Look for soft, breathable materials and well-fitted elastic that won’t leave marks on skin.
  5. Materials that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Finding out whether your baby reacts poorly to a particular diaper requires trial and error, but frequent diaper changes are the best way to prevent rashes.

A number of diapers in the Nigeria’s market offer these qualities to some extent. To get the best prices for baby diapers, you can visit You will be able to compare prices of diapers in Nigeria, view offers and buy online.

On a general basis, the following rule of the thumb should apply in making purchases for your baby diapers:

  1. Don’t stock up before your baby is here. It’s tempting, but you may want to think again. Whether you want to use cloth or disposable diapers, the first brand you try may be a dud.
  2. Once you have the right one, buy in bulk. Particularly for disposables, it’s cheapest to buy a lot of diapers at once. But don’t go overboard. A growth spurt (especially for ‘buttie’ kids) mean your child needs another size more quickly than you expect.
  3. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. If you buy disposables, consider trying economy packs of the store brands. If they work for your child, you’ll save big over premium brands.


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1 thought on “Shopping for your baby’s diaper

  • Niyi Omikunle


    Both Pampers and Dr Brown have been used for my son and I would say I feel more comfortable with Pampers. Even though Dr Brown is cheaper and even looked smarter on my boy at times, I am not comfortable with its absorbency and dryness.
    With pampers however, I do not think I have had to worry about accidental discharges if you know what I mean (*wink*). I also like the fact that you can easily get it anywhere – in the big supermarket or the small roadside variety store. Thats to me makes it easily accessible in emergency.

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