Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear as smartwatch race kicks off

Samsung unveiled its much-anticipated Gear, a Google’s Android-powered $299 (about N48,000) device which works as an extension to its smartphones – only two at present at the moment. The watch, spotted by Samsung’s Co-CEO, JK Shin during his brief discussion of the new device includes a 1.63-inch watch face and runs on Google’s Android operating system. It is also able to show incoming calls and messages on its 1.63in screen. Users can also use it to make calls, as well as dictate e-mail, set alarms and check the weather solely with their voices. It also has voice control, a basic camera and can run a Twitter app, plus another 70 compatible apps, the company said.

Shin called the Gear a “perfect companion” to the Galaxy Note III smartphone. Samsung also revealed the new Note III on Wednesday, in addition to a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Pranav Mistry — the head of Samsung’s think tank team, also showed off how Gear users can “point your wrist and shoot” both video and photos. Other features include a pedometer and an option to make the watch beep if it has been misplaced.

CNNMoney stated that Like the Gear, both the new tablet and new smartphone will also launch Sept. 25, 2013 in 140 countries. The Gear will be compatible with only the Note III phone for now. Samsung said after the event that it couldn’t confirm when or if other Galaxy devices will be compatible.

According to the Guardian Users across the globe would on Wednesday 25th of September have had three new “smartwatches” to choose from as Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm jockeyed for position in a space expected to be Apple’s next target.

The question for us in Nigeria (which is already being asked all over the globe) is that does this technology fill an essential gap in the life of the average Nigerian mobile technology user?

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