Review: Lenovo Tab A10 – 70 A7600

While the Lenovo Tab A10 is an attractive mid-ranged tablet on sight and boasts of some interest features, same cannot really be said for its inbuilt features and specification. Whatever the tab may have lacked however in these areas, it makes up for it in terms of cost and affordability. Design Lenovo Tab A10 has […]

Review: Infinix Note 2 X600 Smartphone

I fell in love with Infinix Note 2 appearance the first time I laid my eyes on it. Infinix Note 2 is stylishly designed mid-performance phone that comes in attractive colors with gray, silver and gold the standout colors. Having used the phone for more than 6 months however, I can reliably review and highlight […]

Review: BlackBerry Z10


With BlackBerry Z10 and its new operating system, most long-term users of the BlackBerry brand would argue that BlackBerry is back! RIM (Research in Motion) now re-branded BlackBerry knew this was one last opportunity to bridge the increasing gap between Android and iPhone at one end and BlackBerry Smartphone at the other end. BlackBerry has always been […]


Overview This television comes with its own amazing high-quality sound system. You won’t need to buy a separate set of hardware to enjoy great audio with a Samsung Slim LED TV and the Giga Sound system. You’ll enjoy clear and powerful output without missing a thing with this built-in hardware, which is located beneath the […]

Total insecticide review

Overview of Key Features Total insecticide is manufactured by Aerochim, for Total, with factory located at Paris, France. in Nigeria, Total insecticide comes in 400ml. Total insecticide contains  Tetramethrin, And Deltamethrin, and prallethrin as Active ingredients. Pros This insecticide is surprisingly a performer.  The use of molecules with a “knock-down” effect enables the substance to […]

Baygon insecticide review

Overview of Key Features Baygon insecticide is manufactured by Johnson Wax Nigeria ltd, with factory located at Isolo Industrial Estate, Lagos State. Baygon insecticide comes in various brands. However, the most common brands in Nigeria is the 300ml and 500ml. Active ingredients of Baygon insecticide are contains Imiprothrin, cyfluthrin, and prallethrin. Pros Like its fellow […]

RAID Multi Purpose Insect Killer Review

Overview of Key Features Raid Multi Purpose Insect Killer is manufactured by Johnson Wax Nigeria ltd, with factory located at Isolo Industrial Estate, Lagos State. The insecticide comes in various brands. However, the most common brand in Nigeria is the multipurpose insect killer. It is available in 500ml. Active ingredients of this insecticide are Allethrin, […]

Mortein Odourless Multi-Insect Killer Review

Overview of Key Features Mortein Odourless Multi-Insect Killer is an Australian brand of household insecticide owned by Reckitt Benckiser, with factory located at Ogun State . The insecticide comes in various brands in Nigeria. However, the one under review is mortein odourless multi-insect killer,available in convenient 300ml. Pros Like the name, mortein odourless multi-insect killer […]

HP ENVY x2 review

Overview The new HP ENVY x2 PC gives you the power of two devices in one. A Windows 8 notebook with a bright, vivid HD Touch display and a tablet that slides off for those times when you want to carry even less. The screen and keyboard panels both contain batteries, it’s much more impressive. […]

LG washing machine WP-750R (top loader) review

Overview This pocket-friendly machine is built for the middle level families in Nigeria. The capacity is strictly for small to medium families with very moderate periodic laundry. It is not built for mega commercial purposes or for use in large hotels and laundry outfits with large volumes of laundry, except functioning primarily in a supportive […]

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