MTN TruTalk tariff plan review


Overview of Key Features

MTN TruTalk is a new tariff plan introduced by MTN. this plan allows you speak to family & friends across ALL networks at 20k/sec. The followings are the key features of this tariff:

  1. N300 Bonus to call 2 special numbers (on recharge of N200 or more). Valid for 7 days.
  2. Free 10MB weekly data bonus on recharge of N100
  3. Free midnight calls (MTN to MTN)
  4. 20k/sec from the very first second!
  5. Happy Hour; On-net – Free (with N100 minimum balance)
  6. Happy Hour; On-net – 20k/sec  (without N100 minimum balance)
  7. Happy Hour; Off-net – 20k/sec

Even though, a separate package (known as MTN SmoothTalk) now exists, the plan appears to be a mix of the old MTN Smooth and family and friends. The plan still maintains the 20k per second rate of the old MTN Smooth and offers a bonus of N300 to call two special numbers upon recharge of N200. The only differences are that unlike the old MTN Smooth which charges a daily rental of N5, this plan does not. More so, Unlike the old family and friends which allows you to make highly discounted calls to 10 numbers (including two non-MTN numbers), this plan instead, offers a bonus of N300 to call just two special numbers of any network.


  1. Removal of 5 Naira Daily Rental associated with the old Plan
  2. A notable attempt at offering cheaper rates for calls made to other network from MTN lines
  3. Flat rate of 20k from the very first second.
  4. A commendable contribution to enhancing data usage amongst subscribers in Nigeria by the 10MB freebie upon recharge of N100 weekly.


  1. Compared to other call rates in Africa and West-Africa the sub-region, the rate in Nigeria is still one of the highest.
  2. Reduction in the number of special numbers from 10 to 2 is too drastic. This reduces the benefits to only people who make lineal calls i.e. calls to one or two numbers. This is not the case with most subscribers. Many make calls to varying numbers on daily basis.
  3. The free N300 bonus can only be used to call only the two (2) special numbers you registered. You cannot use it to call even other MTN numbers. This is again, far from desirable. If subscribers cannot enjoy the benefit of calling all networks with the N300 bonus, they should at least, be given the privilege of calling other MTN numbers with it.
  4. You can only receive the free N300 bonus airtime once a week irrespective of how many times you recharge within 7 days. This is ludicrous, even for those who make lineal calls. N300 bonus once a week is far too little to make any appreciable difference, especially at the rate of 20k per second (N12 per minute).
  5. You will not be able to send SMS to your You & Me numbers with the free N300 airtime. Only calls. This is another unnecessary restriction designed to ensure that the N300 bonus airtime is exhausted quickly.
  6. It is not mentioned on MTN site if Happy Hour is part of the package; be that as it may, I am of the opinion that Happy Hour calls should be free, with or without a N100 minimum balance, within the network, and a rate that is considerably lower than 20k per second for Happy Hour calls outside the network.

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