QuestionsCategory: Healthcare and BeautyWhat is your best toothpaste in Nigeria and why?

What is your best toothpaste in Nigeria and why?

asked 11 months ago

Hi friends,
I have used several toothpaste over the years and I still cannot figure out which one is the most effective in terms of keeping your mouth fresh and your teeth white. In fact it seems like having white teeth and keeping it white is impossible.
I have used Closeup, Maclean, Oral B, Pepsodent, Flourish, etc. None seems special to me till today.
What is your take?

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1 Answers

answered 11 months ago

I have used Closed-up most of the time. I have used others too like Flourish and Oral B but not as much.
I really cannot say there is any big difference among these brands. I guess the key factors for me is whether the toothpaste has a good brand name and reputation and they do not make my teeth worse.