Travelling to Ghana by Road. Which Bus Service is the Best?

QuestionsCategory: Airlines and TravelsTravelling to Ghana by Road. Which Bus Service is the Best?
Nigeria Consumers Staff asked 2 years ago

I planned to travel to Ghana for an examination soon and I would like to find out which of our transport companies offer the best service by road in terms of cost, time-management and comfort?

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oramakus replied 2 years ago

ABC transport.They are organised and slow and steady.They also have a toilet inside their bus to make it easy to urinate when the need arises.This was my last experience with them as I often have the need to travel to Ghana at least once a year

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AYC Staff answered 2 years ago

COST: Its between 17,000 – 25,000 for a return ticket. Cost shouldn’t be an immediate concern. Comfort and time-management should.

TIME-MGT: Most of the luxurious buses take a longer time than the smaller vehicles. Other factors affecting time management are the condition of the vehicles, time used at the various borders, and of course the take-off time. I have used only Cross-country and ABC Transport. From experience, ABC transport is far better than Cross-country. ABC’s ticketing is well organized. The time used at the borders (to check and stamp passports) is usually faster with ABC Transport (guess they are willing to part with more money to grease the officials elbow) than with Cross country. Cross country vehicles are worn out and not reliable. The last (and only) time i used them, we left Lagos around 4:00pm because of vehicle faults. The bus had to be changed eventually. The return trip was even worse.

I have also noticed that Chisco transport has better buses, faster border & passport processing time and reliable take-off time.

COMFORT: So far, ABC has not badly in this regard. Cross Country is a complete let-down here. Noticed however that Chisco buses look quite sleek and comfortable from without.

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