How do I service my WP 750R LG washing machine when the drain is blocked?

QuestionsCategory: Home Care and StyleHow do I service my WP 750R LG washing machine when the drain is blocked?
Nigeria Consumers Staff asked 1 year ago

My washing machine can not drain water after washing

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niyom replied 1 year ago

We presently have the same problem. Seems this might be a common issue with this model of LG Washing machine

3 Answers
Ojzj answered 1 year ago

I will advise that you take this to a LG service center, especially if it is still covered by a warranty.

If for any reason you cannot do this first, then you can try and do a simple check yourself. You can try and remove the back panel but remove the drain pipe first. The back panel is held in place by a single screw around the middle and clips at different points.

Once opened, you will see a long flat and thin plastic connecting the drain control knob at the top with the valve controlling the drain point. Disconnect it easily (it is clipped together) and remove the valve by unscrewing it. Try and check if there is anything blocking the flow of water there.

Clean up and then fix back. Test by adding water to the machine and opening the drain using the drain control.

If this does not fix the issue, then you need to take this to one of LG service centers to fix.

Ojzj answered 1 year ago

I am interested in the answer too.

oramakus answered 1 year ago

I think this should be a common problem with the washing machine. I had the same problem with my own when i just purchased, but thank God it was still under warranty. So it was quickly fixed. So I concur with the suggestion of the contributor above.

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