Does anyone know any reputable web hosting company in Nigeria?

QuestionsCategory: InternetDoes anyone know any reputable web hosting company in Nigeria?
Nigeria Consumers Staff asked 1 year ago

Hi friends,

Please do anyone know any reputable web hosting company in Nigeria that can be termed the one of the best in Nigeria in terms of service delivery, speed and stability.

Your suggestions are welcome.


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2 Answers
Niyi Omikunle Staff answered 1 year ago


I know of a company called Tridomaihost. Discovered them over 4- 5 years ago and they are still very much around unlike some that have gone off the radar which shows consistency and stability.

Although I do not host any of my current website with them any longer, I still host one of my domain names with them. This may not be enough however to attest to how speedy and reliable their hosting will be. Their prices I believe are reasonable and stable too.

They seem organized too. Have had to call them on some occasions to deal with some issues and their support was quite good. Their account management and control panel are same and standard with what is also obtainable with some foreign hosting company.

You may wish to check them out. There website is –

ajaxthemestudios answered 1 year ago

There are a couple of them that are good. We have tried out two before –  WebforAfrica and Tridomaihost.

The only issue we have had with these two local web hosting companies is the quality of support we have received from them. As a web designer, there are times our clients have issues that we cannot directly resolve without the assistance of the hosting company.

We discovered then that support were not fast enough and the depth of assistance a bit limited. For instance you run into problems with certain software, plugins and extensions being used on your website and the developers ask you to contact your web host because the issue is server related. At the end, you find out your hosting company could not really help you as much as you would have expected.

Also, a web hosting company should be able to provide 24 hours live chat support or something very close in case of emergency.

In terms of speed and stability, I think these two are not but service delivery especially in the area of support can be better.

Ojzj replied 1 year ago

I agree with ajaxthemestudios. If you want to find out how “reputable” they are, check out if they have 24 hour live chat support or test if they have a ticket or phone support and how fast they respond to questions.

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