Are instant noodles harmful to our health?

QuestionsCategory: Food and DrinksAre instant noodles harmful to our health?
Ojzj asked 1 year ago

Hi friends,

I read recently online that eating instant noodles like Indomie and other brands can be harmful to our health on the long run. Is this true? Are there any evidence that it is not? Anyone knows if NAFDAC ever said anything regarding this at least to reassure Nigerians?

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2 Answers
Alaba Oluwasanmilesanre Olasunkanmi Staff answered 1 year ago

As someone was was directly involved in the raw materials needed in making Dangote Noodles for close to 5yrs.

I made bold to say none of the addictive is injurious to human.
The major components for making Noodles are Noodles Flour (80%), Refined Deodourised Bleached Oil (10%) (a derivative of Palm oil), salt, sugar, pepper, ginger, in the case of Dangote Noodles, extract from raw chicken, others powered chicken, vitamin and others.

The truth is that NAFDAC is constantly monitoring the production of Noodles in Nigeria.
Yes, some chemicals are foods grade while others are for industrial grade. But when it comes to foods production, foods grade chemicals are non-negotiable. Even the grease that lubricate the production machine are foods grade.

So, whomever believe that noodles are injurious should provide proof.

oramakus answered 1 year ago

I never actually thought of this until I had to answer this.Noodles is a junk food but injurious? what will we then say of other foods out there beans ,bread etc.I love noodles not just because it is easy to cook but also because I love the taste.I believe how we garnish it is key.

Garnish it with carrots, eggs, chicken ,fish ,fresh tomatoes even irish potatoes. In our world today most foods are said to contain chemicals  that make them injurious to health

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