Honda Accord: The 5 Most Problematic Models since 1997

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular cars in Nigeria and in many countries around the world. It is also reputed to be one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989. Excellent engineering, comfort, and reliability are some of the reasons why this car has been the choice of many Honda lovers over the years.

5 Most Problematic Honda Accord Models since 1997

In spite of this however, not every model of Honda Accord has delivered on this high expectation. In this article, we present the 5 most problematic Honda Accords models in the last 20 years according to This report is based on the type and number of reported problems for each car model.

#5: 2004 Model

honda accord 2004The Honda Accord 2004 model takes the 5th spot with 540 total reported problems.  According to, the most reported problems for this model are transmission (288) problems. These are followed by interior accessories related (92), body/paint (82) and engine (34) problems. Others are windows/windshield, AC/heater and brake related problems.


#4:  2009 Model

honda accord 2009The Honda Accord 2009 model takes the 4th spot with 874 total reported problems.  The most reported problems for this model are brake (405) problems. These are followed by engine (191), interior-related (137) problems and body/paint (37) problems.  Others are windows/windshield, exterior accessories, AC/heater and wheels/hub related problems.


#3:  2002 Model

honda accord 2002The Honda Accord 2002 model takes the 3rd spot with 947 total reported problems.  The most reported problems for this model are transmission (771) problems. This number seems to indicate that this problem is more pronounced with the 2002 model than the 2004 model which also had this as its major problem. These are followed by body/paint (82), seat belt (28) problems and engine (25) problems.  Others are interior accessories, brakes and electrical problems.

#2:  2003 Model

honda accord 2003The Honda Accord 2003 model takes the 2nd spot with 1,648 total reported problems.  The most reported problems for this model are also transmission (957) problems, problems that seems to persist beyond the one experienced with the preceding year (i.e. 2002) model. In fact, this number suggests that the problem only got worse.

The transmission problems are followed by interior accessories (82), body/paint (28) and engine (25) problems.  Other noteworthy problems are AC/heater, brakes and electrical problems.

#1:  2008 Model

honda accord 2008The Honda Accord 2008 model takes the 1st spot as the most problematic model with 2,359 total reported problems.  The most reported problems for this model are brake (1,272) problems. This is not surprising considering the fact that the model for the following year (i.e. 2009) has this as its most common issue.

These problems are followed by engine (515), interior accessories related (221) and AC/heater (68) problems.  Other noteworthy problems are body/paint (55), transmission (49) and exterior accessories related (26) problems.

Number of reported problems from 1997 – 2016

The chart below shows the number of problems reported for all Honda Accord models from 1997 – 2016.


In Conclusion…

So if you are planning on buying any second-hand Honda Accord, you may wish to keep this report in mind and avoid these models if necessary. If you currently own any of these models, this report should help you understand why your car is probably prone to a problem that kept showing up and help you explore a more permanent fix to the problem.

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2 thoughts on “Honda Accord: The 5 Most Problematic Models since 1997

  • Victorydike Ahusi

    Victorydike Ahusi


    Strong machine

  • Niyi Omikunle

    Niyi Omikunle


    I am quite familiar with the 2003 model. Still a very good car. Only major changes done have been replacing the engine and the master brake as well as the AC condenser. Have only had running battles with the brakes and AC and none so far with transmissions. Have also had issues with the ignition key control on 2-3 occasions. The key is maintenance and ability to sense and fix faults before they become more pronounced.

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