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The website, “” defines addiction as a condition that results when a person ingests a substance (such as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine) or engages in an activity (such as gambling) that can be pleasurable but the continued use of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work or relationships, or health. However, it also goes on to clarify that most addictive behavior is not only related to either physical tolerance or exposure to cues, but could also be a reaction to emotional stress, whether or not the “reactor” has a physical manifested addiction. The focus of the addiction isn’t what matters; it’s the need to take action under certain kinds of stress that’s the key point to note here.

This definition of addiction has given me an insight into the world of compulsive behaviours in a bid to better understand recent cravings, for which I am guilty of, for a certain product known as, “shoes”. Or, to be more specific; “high-heeled, women’s shoes” (For of course I am a woman and I should obviously take interest in women’s shoes. If I should be interested in men shoes, that would be a matter of discourse for another day)

However, I digress. Where was I? Ah yes! My addiction. It is perhaps more of an obsession though. An obsession brought on by a certain service I recently received and was subsequently pleased with. This service was rendered by a certain Nigeria-based online shoe store that goes by the name; Mizzy B Shoes Online.

I first stumbled on this store while conducting research for an online store I work for, which – ironically, is it? – happens to be a Nigerian online store itself that specializes in lingerie. While conducting my research, I found sites that talked about the ills of online shopping, whether in Nigeria or outside the country, and also those that sang its praises as loud and high as the Halleluyah chorus. But neither of these testimonials or critiques was powerful enough to fuel my desire to embark on a personal journey of Online-Shopping enlightenment.

And so, even when a close friend proudly displayed her beautiful online-store-purchases and told me the tale of how she had ordered and paid for them online and had them delivered right to her doorstep, I surprised even myself by not being the least bit motivated to try it out. That is, until a few days ago, when I realized half way through a family trip, that I would not have enough time to shop for shoes I would need for a wedding I had to attend when I got back.

My mind began to race, covering all the possibilities of what I could do to get a shoe by the time I got back. If only I could get someone to shop for me. And then, it hit me. Like a hard slap across the face. I could have one ordered to my house! But first, I needed to find the cheapest shoe. For girls like me that LOVE the bargain, getting something at a steal price is all the cherry on the shopping cake and this is one problem with online shopping; It doesn’t allow for good ol’ fashioned price haggling with traders.

However, I finally decided on the perfect pair of shoes at a discount price. And so, one day of ordering online and paying in the bank later, and I can’t take my eyes off my first online-purchased shoe! And although it doesn’t fit, because another problem with online shopping is you can’t test the product or try it out before buying, the feeling of grandiose and elegance is sublime! I was nearly bursting at the seams as the cute delivery guy handed me the receipt to sign for my package. (I can’t remember what he looked like now, but the far recesses of my mind say he’s cute. So I guess he is.)

Anywho, I can’t take my eyes off my new pair of online purchased heels. They look exactly how they did online! So, thank you Mizzy B shoes online! I shall continue scouring the ‘On Sale’ section of your website for more shoes at giveaway prices.

And as far as addictions go, sign me up for the next meeting! I’m unashamedly addicted to online shopping and I’m proud! Call me a shopaholic if you may, online-shopaholics anonymous ahoy! Let’s do this thing!

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