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While starting a new office or when you are in charge of sourcing office supplies, it is imperative for you to know what to purchase. Procuring office supplies can come with expensive shipping costs, so it is important that you order all the products you need in one order. While the office staff are what makes a business excel, office supplies help make the creative process a little easier. You can use this information to create a master list that you can use to ensure that you are always fully stocked.

Office Furniture and Equipment

  1. Desk
  2. Comfortable chair
  3. File cabinets
  4. Overhead and work lighting
  5. Client seating
  6. Fireproof safe
  7. Desktop and pocket calculators
  8. Bookcases
  9. Postage meter
  10. Worktable(s)
  11. Office decorations
  12. Labelling machine
  13. Wall whiteboard and markers
  14. Radio
  15. Paper shredder
  16. Photocopier
  17. Wastebasket
  18. Recycling bin
  19. Alarm system
  20. Fire extinguisher
  21. First-aid kit

Computer Hardware and Accessories

  1. Desktop computer and monitor
  2. Keyboard and mouse
  3. Printer
  4. Modem
  5. Notebook computer
  6. CD writer
  7. PowerPoint projector
  8. Digital camera
  9. Handheld organizer
  10. Surge protector
  11. Computer locks
  12. Scanner

Computer Software

  1. Word processing software
  2. Virus protection software
  3. Accounting software
  4. Desktop publishing software
  5. Contact management software
  6. Website building and maintenance software
  7. Payment processing software
  8. E-commerce software
  9. Inventory management software


  1. Telephone line
  2. Internet connection
  3. Toll-free line
  4. Desk telephone
  5. Fax machine
  6. Cordless telephone
  7. Answering machine/service
  8. Cordless headset
  9. Speakerphone
  10. Pager
  11. Tape recorder
  12. Cellular telephone with internet features

General Office Supplies

  1. Business cards
  2. Envelopes
  3. Stationery
  4. Imprinted advertising specialties
  5. Postage stamps
  6. Printer cartridges
  7. CD and floppy disks
  8. Pencils and pens
  9. Printer paper
  10. Cleaning supplies
  11. Fax paper
  12. Notepads
  13. File folders
  14. Stapler
  15. Scissors


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