Nissan unveils armoured Patrol Y62, woos customers in new promo

Stallion NMN, authorised dealer of Nissan vehicles in Nigeria has launched its equipped Patrol Y62 with B6+armouring and other features to rival Toyota’s Land Cruiser 200 series.

Besides, the company is offering season sales discounts to entice prospective buyers of its Altima, Sentra and Sedans.

Unveiling the plans in Lagos, the firm’s Managing Director, Parvir Singh said: “the Nissan armoured Patrol Y62 series is an emerging global leader in discreet armoured vehicles and ideal base unit for diplomatic, humanitarian aid and international organisations operating in harsh terrain and dangerous region throughout the world.”

Singh said that the sport utility vehicle, which was equipped to certify level B6+ CEN armouring, was built in partnership with foreign experts to protect cabin occupants from ballistic threats up to 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition as well as explosives up to 2x DM51 hand grenades.

The organisation’s Head, Sales and Marketing, Amit Sharma said: “The Nissan Patrol Y62 platform is longer, wider with more passenger room than the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series, flaunting more horsepower, luxury and rides like an OEM vehicle.”

The new car also boasts a 5.6L V8 engine in addition to VVEL technology, proprietary suspension and braking system upgrades developed and installed to support the additional armouring weight.

The armoured Patrol is expected to be priced from N28 million across Stallion NMN showrooms.

Starting from as low as N5.99 million for Nissan Altima and N3.99 million for the Sentra sedans, prospective customers can now walk into any Stallion NMN accredited dealerships to purchase one of Japan most precision engineered cars.

The Guardian

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