Nigeria’s Power Generation ‘Steadying’

According to reports the rate at which Nigeria generates electricity is getting steady.

Figures on the website of the Power Statistics of the Federal Ministry of Power yesterday said energy supply only dipped by 4.86Mw from the 4,013.39Mw sent out on September 16.

The TCN however recorded a spinning reserve or stranded power of 89.78Mw that it could not wheel out of the 4 098.31Mw produced by the electricity generation companies (Gencos) .

Energy generated that was 4,099.72Mw on September 16 however dipped slightly to 4,098.31Mw on Sunday, indicating a relatively steady average power generation in the electricity market in 10 days.

Amadi added that power generation is also expected to increase very soon when the Calabar Power Plant comes on stream.

Nigeria Bulletin

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