Nigerians divided on the security of mobile banking

mobile banking survey

In an online study carried out between October and December 2016, result shows that Nigerians are largely divided on the security of mobile banking.

1. Security of mobile banking use

Respondents were asked if they believe that the use of mobile banking is secure. 39.44% said they disagree while 7.04% said that they partially disagree. While 12.68% were undecided, another 12.68% said they partially agree that the use of mobile banking is not safe while 7.04% said they completely agree.

Hence out of the total number of 71 respondents sampled, only 46.48% (less than half) of them agree that the use of mobile banking is secure at one degree or another.

2. Worries about the security of mobile banking

Asked if they are worried about the security of using mobile banking, 19.72% agree they are worried while 16.90% partially agreed. While 14.08% were undecided, 18.31% and 9.86% of the respondents disagree and partially disagree respectively.

3. Confidence in banks’ ability to protect mobile banking users’ privacy

Banks customers seems to have some level of confidence in their banks’ ability to keep their mobile banking platforms and privacy safe and secure. While 30.99% disagree that the banks cannot protect their privacy, 14.08% partially disagreed.

While only 8.45% were neutral, 25.35% agrees that the banks mobile banking platforms cannot protect their privacy at one form or another.

The full report contains additional information on the following:

  • Perception of mobile banking
  • Usage of mobile banking
  • Factors determining the use of mobile banking and their importance
  • General information on respondents and mobile phones owned

You can order the full report of the online survey by clicking on the link below.



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