New Year…New Shopper

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s a pleasure joining you all this year with my first official post! *Insert loud screams of joy here*

For the next couple of months, I will be here every week sharing awesome tales and experiences from the consumer market.

You’ll also get to read advice on different products and services directly from shoppers who have used them! In short, Shopper’s Anonymous is just like your regular Alcoholics Anonymous group…but for shoppers!

So feel free to share your experiences and advice/comment, it could help someone somewhere!

So let’s get right down to it…

 It’s amazing how quickly life gets back to normal after the crazy festivities of Christmas and New Year which are just one week apart of each other.

But as dependable as a rocky mountain, businesses are back to normal and sales are on like there had been no break and nothing had changed. And in a way, nothing has. We the ever trusty consumers are back on the streets and at the shops in a bid to make a good bargain we could be proud of this New Year.

However, whatever your resolutions are concerning smart shopping in 2014, there is one thing you should have in mind, wants are different from needs and at times like this, it is important to know the difference between the two.

Our finances have most likely taken a hard blow during the holidays, and so this is the time to recuperate. Get your cash flow going. Not spend…spend…spend…till you drop. Literally.

Buy what you need. Purchasing your wants can come much later in the year. Make a list of them and strike it out as you get each new thing. But not till after a three month period of financial recovery.

Trust me. Your wallet will thank you, and then you can thank me after that.

So this New Year, buy what you need. Try making a list every now and then to help ease the temptation of impulse shopping, and STICK TO THE LIST when you go to the market or the mall.

A smart shopper is always a happy shopper. Trust me, I know.

I have many tales of my experience of not so smart shopping, but I shall regale you of them at a later time.

For now, take my word for it and shop only what you need.

Have a lovely week!

 If you would like to share a shopping experience, send me a mail at

I would love to hear all about your shopping tales! And I know loads of other readers would want to too!

P.S- See what I did there? “To…too?” Lol…


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