NERC Targets 2,000MW from Renewable Energy

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has approved the application of a new regulation to stimulate investments that would give Nigeria up to 2000 megawatts (MW) of electricity generated from renewable energy sources in the next five years from now.

The new law, ‘feed-in tariff regulations for renewable energy sourced electricity in Nigeria’ was reportedly approved at the last regulatory meeting of the commission.

A statement from the commission’s Head of Public Communication, Dr. Usman Arabi, on Sunday in Abuja, explained that NERC envisaged that the country would generate at least 1000MW of electricity from the various renewable energy sources that she’s endowed with by 2018.

The balance, it however hopes, would be realised by 2020.

Renewable energy sources are electricity generated from biomass, small hydro, wind and solar energy sources, amongst others.

Currently, Nigeria generates 4516MW from her thermal and hydro power plants. Gas supplies to the thermal plants which generate about 80 per cent of the country’s electricity has in the last couple of months improved.


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