Japan hands over 570mw Jebba power plant after maintenance

The Japanese Government  will on Monday handover the 570megawatts (mw) Jebba hydropower station in Niger State.

The maintenance was carried out under its Development Cooperation Programme. A letter from its Embassy in Nigeria said the project for ‘Emergency Repair and Overhaul of Jebba Hydro Power Station’ which started with a pact in April 2011 has been completed.

The hydropower plant was commissioned on April 13, 1985 along the Niger River, about 100 kilometres from the foremost plant, Kainji Dam. It has six turbines, each with installed capacity of 96.4mw.  They are connected in the switch-yard through 330KV switch gears with two outgoing lines to Jebba Transmission switch-yard.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) licenced it on September 4, 2012 under the Kainji Hydro Electric Plc (Jebba Station). It was to expire on September 3, 2022 but has been extended to September 3, 2027 upon its concession and takeover on November 1, 2013 to Mainstream Energy Solutions Ltd.

It is expected that on resumption of operation, Jebba station which has been operating below its capacity in the past would generate 202mw, increasing only by 39mw in 2017, statistics from the approved 10 year electricity tariff plan has shown.

Daily Trust

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