Intoducing SkillSearch Nigeria, Online Skill Marketplace

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Skill Search Nigeria is an innovative tech company that has come to give Creative individuals and start-ups a clear path to financial freedom by bridging the gap between Customers and Service providers

If you offer a unique service or have a valuable skill, whether that be Writing, Fashion Designing, Cooking, Sketching, Dancing, Teaching, Tailoring, Makeup Artistry, Fine Arts, Interior Decor, Wedding Planning, Mechanic – Whatever gifts you have, Skill Search has provided this dynamic and user friendly web platform so you can meet thousands of waiting Customers with one click.

It is a web based system that not only connects you to customers but also provides customers and employers of Skills the opportunity of choosing who best to do a Job.
The team at Skill Search Nigeria hint on the importance of making it extra easy to navigate and setup an account on the site, ensuring that a Customer can be connected to A skills provider with just a few clicks.

You do not have to have a Company of your own, You do not have to pay any setup fees, you just have to have a Skill that people are willing to pay you for. And because has a unique Customer ratings system that cannot be hacked or tampered, people are able to see real time reviews of Skill providers and decide who to work with. is already garnering the reputation of becoming one of the most innovative Tech start-ups of our digital age and influencers site wide speculate it is going to become the next best stop for everybody with a Skill in Nigeria.

Sign up for a Free account today on and let thousands of waiting customers find You, and Pay you for your Skill at the price you set!‎

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