Instant Noodles: Are they Harmful to our Health?

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The debate has been on for some years now on whether eating popular Instant Noodles like Chikki, Dangote and Indomie are really harmful to our health.

According to reports by the World Instant Noodle Association (WINA), Nigeria is currently ranked the largest consumer of instant noodles in Africa. It is also the number 12 in the world with an estimated 1.54 billion packets demanded for in year 2015 alone.

Yet despite the unceasing argument for or against its safe consumption, a look at the demand and consumption trend for instant noodles in the country from year 2011 till date shows a steady annual increase. This is projected to continue for some years to come.

Those who claim that instant noodles are harmful allege that studies have showed that they contain harmful preservatives. They don’t easily digest, increase the risk of heart diseases, high in saturated fats and may contain harmful toxins. Those who disagree with these however contend that many of these submissions are largely inaccurate, unnecessarily exaggerated or plainly unfounded lies.

So whose report should we believe? Granted that the global financial and manufacturing powers behind the production of instant noodles would not readily agree that their products could be harmful. Yet it is hard to believe as some may claim that there is a global and concerted conspiracy to needlessly pick on its consumption among the many other processed foods consumed worldwide.

The Questions?

So what do you think? Are you convinced that instant noodles consumption can have long-term health implications? Can we trust the government and concerned regulatory bodies to take a balanced and unselfish position in this matter when required?

  • Àlàbá Olúwasanmílęsanre Olásúnkànmí

    Àlàbá Olúwasanmílęsanre Olásúnkànmí


    As someone was was directly involved in the raw materials needed in making Dangote Noodles for close to 5yrs.

    I made bold to say none of the addictive is injurious to human.
    The major components for making Noodles are Noodles Flour (80%), Refined Deodourised Bleached Oil (10%) (a derivative of Palm oil), salt, sugar, pepper, ginger, in the case of Dangote Noodles, extract from raw chicken, others powered chicken, vitamin and others.

    The truth is that NAFDAC is constantly monitoring the production of Noodles in Nigeria.
    Yes, some chemicals are foods grade while others are for industrial grade. But when it comes to foods production, foods grade chemicals are non-negotiable. Even the grease that lubricate the production machine are foods grade.

    So, whomever believe that noodles are injurious should provide proof.

    • Niyi Omikunle

      Niyi Omikunle

      Well some consider it a junk food like so many others we buy from fast food joints. Seems the issue is not really its occasional consumption per se but the long-term health implication of eating too much of it for too long a time. Don’t you think?

    • Àlàbá Olúwasanmílęsanre Olásúnkànmí

      Àlàbá Olúwasanmílęsanre Olásúnkànmí

      Like I said earlier, noodles are made primarily from Flour, so if meat pies, doughnut, chinchin, cakes, puff puff frequent consumption has no side effects, then why should noodles caused side effects.

    • Kesiena Jaspar Evagberien

      Kesiena Jaspar Evagberien

      Really learning……..cos its my favourite.
      Like a carton goes down each month.
      Abeg oo

    • Peter Akobundu Uche

      Peter Akobundu Uche

      [email protected] Jasper

    • Abubakar Saleh Ahmad

      Abubakar Saleh Ahmad

      I think noodles may constitute a problem to human system nt instantly bt over longterm consumption period. The method of production is thru Hot extrusion process, thats y it is categorised under high processed food, nd as a result it’s nt easily digested by our system, nd also it lacks fibre which aids in the absorption of toxic waste material from the body nd discharged it through faeces. Some of the vitamins nd minerals were lost as a result of high thermal processing, therefore the nutritional value is low unless fortified or supplemented to replace the lost nutrients.

    • Abubakar Saleh Ahmad

      Abubakar Saleh Ahmad

      Also as u are saying Nafdac nd other regulatory bodies are always monitoring. Nafdac nowadays are after what they’ll benefit frm such companies they’re not protecting the consumers rights, therefore they can’t’t enforce law to the manufacturers that violates the right thing.

  • Famakinwa Jide


    I rarely eat indomie noodles but I hope these assertions are not true because my son is an heavy consumer of Indomie.
    Meanwhile the government should do enough through their agency NAFDAC to debunk this claims

  • Drake Obasoto

    Drake Obasoto


    Na lie Nigeria go chop am well well

  • Zaharadeen Deena

    Zaharadeen Deena


    I do go to Toilet 5 to 6 times when ever i eat some brands of noodles

  • Niyi Omikunle

    Niyi Omikunle


    Well, I learned that people battling with hypertension/high blood pressure and those watching their weights should tone down on their consumption of noodles because of its high sodium and carbohydrate. It is also recommended that a lot of protein and vitamin giving food should be combined with a meal of noodles to balance it.

  • Chris Ekeyi

    Chris Ekeyi


    Still wondering if this is ever going to change the noodles culture amongst Nigerian families. The fast paced life, the modernization of family and growing independence makes fast food, such as noodles a very attractive option. In fact it is reported by a popular consumer site that consumption of noodles, pastas and spaghetti will be on the increase in Nigeria and amongst African families.

  • Anyanwu Nneka

    Anyanwu Nneka


    Hmm… Am still wondering…

  • Etz Julius Nwede

    Etz Julius Nwede



  • Daniel Austin

    Daniel Austin


    I 2 did food

  • Nnenna Onwusi

    Nnenna Onwusi


    Nigeria wt there problem

  • Eminent Rufus

    Eminent Rufus


    Is that wom

  • Alaba Felix

    Alaba Felix


    Pls Noodles should not be harmful to our health because s among d three tins i love,soup nd Noodles.

  • Ezinne Priscillia Offor

    Ezinne Priscillia Offor


    should I call it rumor or what .pls I dn’t believe oo

  • Caleb Davies

    Caleb Davies


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  • Blackblood King

    Blackblood King


    Is nt harmful 2 health but harmful 2 men’s pennis coz it makes it long n thin like a worm according 2 physicians .

  • Auta Faith

    Auta Faith


    I just dey pass

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