Hollandia Yoghurt introduces ‘Slurp It Off’ – Snack Companion

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With consumers getting smarter and now opting for healthier beverage companions for their snacks, the Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Slurp It Off’ 315 millilitres pack has been introduced into the Nigerian market to address this need. While the great taste of Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Slurp It Off’ ensures that consumers are able to enjoy their snacks, it also provides an effective way for them to fit extra nutrients into their diets.

The Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Slurp It Off’ 315ml handy pack is designed to hold adequate quantity of yoghurt for an individual to enjoy with any snack. So whatever the setting, be it during an office meeting, at home or in a quick service restaurant, Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Slurp It Off’ comes in handy to enrich your snacking experience and add nourishing goodness to the moment.



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