Growing Queues at Guaranty Trust Banks

Guaranty Trust Bank

What exactly is happening with the growing queues at most of the Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) branches around my city – Ibadan? I am not sure if this happens in other branches nationwide but having to think of even going physically to the Bank worries me a lot when I consider the time I might have to spend on queues there. Aside the time you waste, you leave the place physically exerted by the rigors of standing on long and dragging queues.

Sometimes, you even have to spend some time outside the Bank looking for where and how to park your vehicle before going inside to start another round of waiting. And God help you if a customer parked behind you refuse to come out in time to allow you leave the Bank.

Luckily I operate the Bank internet banking so I do not have to go there physically on a regular basis for anything but I often wonder how tasking it might be for those who have to. I always do anything within my powers to avoid having to go to the bank to withdraw fund because of the crowd I often see trying to do this each time I go there. Nevertheless, a couple of occasions when I had to deposit cash or consult with the branch customer service officer, or see those in charge of ATM cards and related issues; I found out I had no choice but to join a long queue of waiting, angry and complaining customers.

It has got so bad that anytime I mention going to the bank to friends and colleagues, they usually find it hard avoiding throwing a jibe at me with regard to the huge crowd and long queues that awaits me there. The bank seems to be getting increasingly notorious in this regard.

In this age and time, I often wonder if this is an avoidable scenario or something that cannot be avoided. I know there are lots of facilities and services offered by GT Bank to probably confront this issue but I am not sure why the place still looks like a market each time you go there. But honestly, I also wonder how terrible it would be by now had those options not been even made available.

Nonetheless, GT Bank needs to do something about this; apparently there are lots of issues being left unaddressed and it is certainly not funny anymore.

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1 thought on “Growing Queues at Guaranty Trust Banks

  • chrislifted


    With growth comes obvious challenges, no doubt. However, for GT Bank to have allowed the situation to deteriorate this much is not too good. Again, this is a reflection of where the priority of the bank lies – profit-making at the expense of customers’ time and comfort.

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