Energy Firm Unveils Fuel Optimisation Technologies in Nigeria

Portugal’s energy manufacturer, the Ultimate Power Group and its Nigeria’s distributor, Cruz-B Limited, at weekend unveiled its fuel optimisation and exhaust emission reduction technologies into the Nigerian market. The device, THISDAY learnt, has inbuilt mechanism to reduce fuel consumption by 30 percent and exhaust emissions reduction by 80 percent.

In a remark, the CEO of Cruz-B Limited, Mr. Ben Obuekwe said: “This optimised engine operation more often reduces the fuel consumption and reduces the fuel consumption the exhaust emissions, saving your money and protecting our environment. The electrolyte fluid supplied inside your Ultimate cell allows you to drive up to 70,000 km in land vehicles and 2000 hours of continuous run in boats and generators. After this period you can refill the unit with an electrolyte recharge available for sale at your distributor.

At the unveiling ceremony in Abuja, the Minister of Environment, Mrs. Amina Mohammed, represented by the Director General (DG), National Environment Standard and Regulatory Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Mr. Lawrence Anukam, commended the initiator of the technology into the country, saying, the ultimate cell has proven to be an energy saver with eco-friendly potentials.

The minister said: “I would imagine that a technology device of this nature from Portugal will make our environment clean, eliminate exhaust emission and thereby reducing accidents on our roads.”

According to her, the ministry showed interest in the fuel reduction consumption technology because of the connection between power, energy and the environment, adding that any technology that will lead to clean environment and eco-friendly would be promoted by government, which recently signed into the climate action emission agreement in Paris France.


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