Electricity Consumers Cry Out Over High Bills

Some electricity consumers living around Odogunyan Military Barracks in Ikorodu have condemned the high electricity charges they received in August and September. The consumers also condemned the discriminatory bills in the community.

They told newsmen that the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company had doubled and in some cases tripled its charges although power supply had deteriorated in the area. The Chairman of Egba-Otun Community Development Association (CDA) in Ita-oluwo, Mr Saheed Yusuf, said that the electricity bills had been outrageous since August. He told newsmen  that houses within the CDA were charged the same rate until July when things changed.

“We all were billed a little above N3,000 across board up to July, but in August many of the houses were charged more than N7,000. Meanwhile, some mega structures and shopping complexes were billed about N2000 and others a little above N3000. The difference in the bills is questionable in a community where the electric company does not have a mechanism to measure what each house consumes because none of us has a meter. The practice used to be that whatever power is consumed by the entire community will be calculated and shared equally amongst the consumers as we have been made to understand,’’ Yusuf said.

A former Treasurer at Ereko CDA, Mrs Ruth Adaoha,  said that the poor electricity supply since July to the community did not justify the bills they had been receiving.



This article originally appears on The Tide News Online

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