How often should we replace our toothbrushes?

Probably more often than you think. Find out what the experts think and recommend.

toothbrush teeth brushing

Before we proceed, please participate in this poll and check the result to find out how you fare compare to others. Thereafter, check out what the experts recommendation are. “The average toothbrush contains around 10 million germs – from bacteria to the flu virus,” says Dr Uchenna Okoye, clinical director of London Smiling Dental Group […]

Diaper with the best absorbency and fitting

According to Baby Gear Lab, Absorbency and fitting are the most important trait of any diaper, disposable or cloth. Absorption covers how much liquid a diaper can hold, how well that liquid wicks away from baby and distributes throughout the diaper’s core, and how well it continues to hold that moisture away from baby’s skin, while […]

Brand of Android Smartphone with the best battery life

Of the under-listed BRANDS of android smartphones, which of them has the most lasting battery life after full charge? Please Consider phone’s optimum functionality use. Voting is very simple. Click on your choice below and see the result. [socialpoll id=”2288199″]

Service provider with the most cost-effective data package

Of the under-listed service providers, which of them has the most affordable and reliable data package (plan & services)? Please vote for your best service provider (reliability & affordability). It is very simple, just click on your choice below and then see the result. [socialpoll id=”2196146″]

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