Nigerians divided on the security of mobile banking

mobile banking survey

In an online study carried out between October and December 2016, result shows that Nigerians are largely divided on the security of mobile banking. 1. Security of mobile banking use Respondents were asked if they believe that the use of mobile banking is secure. 39.44% said they disagree while 7.04% said that they partially disagree. […]

42 Percent of Nigerians installed antivirus software on their mobile phones

According to our online survey on “Mobile Banking in Nigeria” conducted between October and December 2016, only 42% of Nigerians who responded to the survey has an antivirus software installed on their mobile phones. 38% said they do not. A total number of 71 online respondents participated in the survey. Other results from the survey […]

Mobile Banking in Nigeria: Participate in Survey

We are currently conducting a survey on the use of Mobile Banking services in Nigeria. We humbly request that you participate in this survey to enable us gather useful information and data that will provide insights into the use of mobile banking in Nigerians. Thank you for participating. [advanced_iframe securitykey=”0396a3f0d74156b5c152daabe3dca1f30185ba44″ scrolling=”none” src=””] _______________________________________ Survey not […]

Quiz: Test your Consumer Rights Knowledge

Knowing our consumer rights can save us both time and money as well as help us seek redress when necessary. This is important since buying things is part of our everyday life. Our consumer rights knowledge can therefore make a world of difference if we take it seriously. [os-widget path=”/ngrconsumers/test-your-consumer-rights-knowledge” of=”ngrconsumers” comments=”false”] You may wish to click and […]

What Kind of Buyer Are You?

Everyone is a buyer because we all buy something on a regular basis. As long as there is money to spend, we always find something to buy. It is an action we carry out so often that we probably never give a thought to what, why and how we buy what we buy. If you […]

Survey of customers’ opinion on banking services in Nigeria

Description This simple and short survey is to educate and enlighten Nigerian consumers by investigating public’ opinion on fundamental aspects of banking services in Nigeria and how it affects customers’ interest. The goal is to provide Nigerians with information on basic but relevant features of banking services in Nigeria (from customers’ viewpoint) to help in […]

Survey of consumers’ opinion on BlackBerry services in Nigeria

Description BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) provides users with access to a myriad of utilities via the BlackBerry device. For example, BIS can provide automatic wireless synchronization of read, deleted, and sent items from the user’s BlackBerry device to their supported ISP email account. Subscribers can also download applications and other content or browse the Web […]

Survey of consumers’ opinion on Baby Diapers in Nigeria

baby diaper

Description Your child’s comfort and security is most important and a good diaper plays a vital role here. As early as the first two days of life, newborns pass stool 2 to 7 times each day. Newborns wet 2 to 6 diapers for the first 2 days and 6 to 10 each day thereafter. Changing […]

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