What is Different About the Latest iPhone 7?

It is no longer news that the iPhone 7 has been officially launched. The question on many minds is what is new or different about the latest Apple’s iPhone release when compared with previous models especially iPhone 6. Well, let us quickly look at these. iPhone 7 is Lighter In terms of size, the only […]

Mobile Bank Hacking on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself

Cybercriminals are now increasingly exploring a new way to hack into consumer bank accounts through their mobile phones. By targeting mobile bank apps and stealing customers banking credentials and access information, hackers now hope to create a back door that easily gives them normal and legitimate access to your online bank account. Mobile phones are […]

Zuckerberg’s visit and expectations of the Nigeria Consumers

Since Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg silently came into Lagos Nigeria unannounced few days ago, the spotlight has been beamed on the Nigeria tech and internet industry and the implication the visit holds for young developers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. According to Quartz, a leading online digitally news publication, one of the possible […]

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