Between new electricity tariff and power outages

As industry operators plan a review in the present electricity tariff, analysts are positing that it may be far – fetched from the solutions needed to having a robust power sector. The Nigerian electricity market is said to be going through a difficult phase with roughly N330 million being lost daily due to poor networks […]

Cheap Data Subscription Codes For All Networks In Nigeria

These codes have been tested and running on all gadgets/operating systems like ipod, ipad, android, windows mobile, tablets, and PC. Please Note: Using a BlackBerry on this data plan(s) may not work for you, except Airtel and Glo only.A.    MTN NIGERIA For 2GB: Send “SPB to 131” in a text message. It will cost […]

BVN deadline: Fraudsters on rampage, as EFCC calls for vigilance

Fraudsters, disguising as Bank Verification Number (BVN) registration agents online with intention to get access to banks customers accounts, are on rampage, Daily Trust checks have revealed. The extended deadline for the BVN registration ends on Saturday, October 31, with the   Central Bank of Nigeria maintaining there would be no further extension. The BVN is […]

Pains of e-commerce platforms users

he pains of e-commerce consumers are growing daily just as brand reputation of e-commerce sites are dwindling. With losses by users, e-commerce platforms have continued to up the ante to protect consumers. The growing e-commerce industry in Nigeria has led to an increase in online transactions in the country, despite that the trend  has been […]

The Many Uses of Eggs

Egg, a source of second class protein, is in high demand as it is known to serve various purposes .These vary from consumption to hair treatment, making it one of the most lucrative trade to venture into. OYEWOLE PRISCILLA reports. Trading in eggs is one area grossly underestimated. It has more opportunities to offer than […]

Consumers be Warned! Adulteration of Palm Oil with Chemicals on the Rise

The Director of Research, Nigeria Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR), Dr Celestine Ikuenobe, has warned against adulteration of palm oil. Ikuenobe, who gave the warning in Calabar, the Cross River State capital at a workshop for palm oil farmers, said adulteration is risky to consumers The director decried the adulteration of palm oil with […]

Windows 10 Launch: Empowering Fans Around the Globe

As Microsoft begins to roll out Windows 10 to the world, they intend to empower their customers to do great things. Windows 10 is designed to deliver this in four key ways: A.    First and foremost, we made Windows 10 fast and familiar: With the familiar Start menu, Taskbar, and Desktop you’re already an expert and Live […]

Dealing with Sleeping Disorder

Asleep disorder is a medical condition that prevents a person from achieving normal sleep that is of sufficient quality and quantity. The result is that the person feels distressed and the lack of sleep also disrupts functioning during the day. As previously emphasized, night time sleep that is of sufficient quantity and quality is an […]

If paying house rent was cancelled

Have you imagined how life would be if house rent was cancelled? How happy would you be if your LandLord gives you back your House Rent after you paid? Let’s say your house rent is N500k, imagine what can be done with such an amount of money. For a man, this amount can be added […]

Back-to-school shopping gets bigger

Back-to-school shopping is the second largest seasonal shopping period of the year in terms of consumer spending. It represents an even greater challenge to retailers and manufactures because of its nature. However, retailers have been meeting shoppers’ numerous demands as they kick-started promotional offers early in May. They are expectant of bumper sales as back-to-school […]

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