5 potentially harmful chemicals used in children’s toys or child care items

These kinds of chemicals are usually used to soften plastic and make it more pliable. Exposure to these chemicals by children has been linked with health problems like hormone disruption and damage to reproductive development, among other serious issues.

children toys

Following a decade long study of potential health affects of phthalate (i.e. chemicals often used in plastic products for children) the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of the United States last month banned children’s toys or child care items – like teething rings – that contain concentrations of more than 0.1% of diisononyl phthalate (DINP), diisobutyl […]

How to deal with those annoying robocalls

How many times have you rushed to pick a phone call only to discover that it is a robocall? This articles provides you with some ideas on how to stop or deal with those annoying calls.


How many times have you rushed to pick a phone call only to discover that it is a robocall? This articles provides you with some ideas on how to stop or deal with those annoying calls. Sometimes these recorded messages offer legitimate offers. At other times, they are downright illegal or fraudulent. To be on […]

Fund transfer: What to consider in choosing between NIP and NEFT

Nigeria Consumers Knowledge

THERE are different types of funds transfer services and it is important for bank customers to understand the differences and implications. Fund transfer is when you send  money to person or persons from your bank account using a transfer channel. You can transfer funds to people living within and outside the country using various transfer […]

See why goat milk is better than cow milk

Nigeria Consumers Knowledge

The Nigerian Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services has recommended the consumption of goat milk, saying it is more beneficial to healthy growth than cow milk. The forum in its Fact Sheet on Thursday stated that goat milk contained more protein, a higher level of essential amino acids and could supply the body with more vitamin […]

What you should know about FG’s Road Trust Fund

Nigeria Consumers Knowledge

The federal government has commenced sensitisation of Road trust Fund recently introduced by the federal government as a source of revenue generation. Below is highlight of some explanations being made by the government on the trust fund.   What is a Road Trust Fund? The Road Trust Fund (RTF) is being set up to facilitate […]

How to Whiten your Teeth in 3 minutes


teeth white whitening

Is Baking Soda Bad for Your Teeth? Not really. It is definitely cheaper than some teeth whitening products, but not recommended for daily use. Safety tips will be explained later. Some of the benefits of using baking soda to brush your teeth are given below. 1. Fight Bad Breath Having bad breath is very embarrassing […]

Why Is It Called ‘’Black Friday’’?

Consumer Knowledge

As the 2017 black Friday closes in, Nigeria consumers takes a close look at the origin of this strange but rewarding tradition. Rewarding, for both the retailer and the shopper. Black Friday is a common mantra amongst sellers and buyers. It is the day when sellers offer mouthwatering price slashes and deals to their customers. […]

Kwese TV joins the ongoing battle for a share of Nigeria’s Satellite Pay-TV Space

Kwese TV

Kwesé has announced the launch of its entertainment and sports television network Kwese TV in Nigeria. The cable TV offers entertainment, African serials, movies, news and a diverse mix of exclusive channels. “We are excited to launch our dynamic content business in Nigeria, a market that we know is hungry for a compelling alternative pay […]

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