6 health-related uses of the popular “Vaselines” or “Petroleum Jelly”

Experts explains why Vaseline and other petroleum jelly products deserve a spot in your medicine cabinet.

Vaseline petroleum jelly

When you think of multi-use yet simple products, what comes to mind? Maybe vinegar, which can do everything from kill germs in your kitchen to ease sore throat pain. Or maybe lemons, which can whiten your socks while keeping insects away. How about petroleum jelly, which, granted, is oil-based and isn’t all-natural like vinegar and […]

How To Make Amazing Cassava In Nigeria

BattaBox presenter Folly reports on how Nigeria grows the most - and best! - cassava in the world.


In 2009, Nigeria was producing over 45 million tonnes, almost 19% of global production, making Nigeria is the largest producer and grower of Cassava in the world. Cassava farmer in Nigeria with his annual crop. According to some statistics – 90% of Nigerian households consume some type of cassava product every day – and we […]

How often should we replace our toothbrushes?

Probably more often than you think. Find out what the experts think and recommend.

toothbrush teeth brushing

Before we proceed, please participate in this poll and check the result to find out how you fare compare to others. Thereafter, check out what the experts recommendation are. “The average toothbrush contains around 10 million germs – from bacteria to the flu virus,” says Dr Uchenna Okoye, clinical director of London Smiling Dental Group […]

Can sitting on a public toilet give me a disease?

A doctor answers her patients' most common question on the use of public toilet and offers some protective tips.

public toilets

The dreaded place of questionable smells, dark tiled walls and the harshest toilet paper you’ve ever used in your whole life. Welcome to public toilets. The thought of how many people have sat on the same toilet seat, and how many people have ‘forgotten’ to wash their hands on the way out makes most of […]

Emirates to restore 14 frequent routes in Nigeria

Culled from Daily Trust

Emirates, one of the world’s foremost airlines, may soon restore its previous frequent routes to an fro the country. The airline had last year reduced its frequencies in Nigeria to seven due to operational reasons. From the two daily flights to Lagos and one daily flight to Abuja, the airline reduced the Lagos flight to […]

Michelin has developed a new way to change a tire

Its Vision concept is an airless ‘tweel’ made from 3D-printed bio-sourced materials that allow for new and different treads to be applied as they wear down or the seasons change. Designed to mimic the structure of coral, it is stiff at the center and gets gradually softer as it approaches the outside edge. With its […]

8 Fruits That Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Ramadan

skin hydrating fruits

The Ramadan period is synonymous with fasting. During this period, many often want to how best to keep the body hydrated. That is good, but it should not end there. You should also be looking for ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing at the same time. One of such ways is by eating fruits – not […]

How to Choose the Right Body Cream

lady rubbing body cream

Taking care of your skin is one of the regular and most important activities you do daily. This article provides information on how to choose the right body cream for your use. To do this effectively however, you need to understand the differences between the various body cream sold out there. 1. Types of Body Cream […]

Top 10 Best Cars of 2017 by Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports presents their top 10 best cars of 2017 in this 3.19 minutes video. The video presents the top cars in 10 different categories using Consumer Reports’ Overall Score, which is calculated using road tests, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. To get more information on their Top Picks, click here: http://www.consumerreports.org/cars-best-cars-top-picks-2017/

Air-Travel: Do You Know Your Rights? Find Out Now!

There are many issues Nigeria air travelers and airline passengers grapple with when traveling. From the long security lines, overbooked flights and flight delays to bumpy flights, lost baggage and poor customer relations. However there are regulations put in place by the Nigerian government to protect the rights of consumers traveling by air. Take the quiz […]

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