Air-Travel: Do You Know Your Rights? Find Out Now!

There are many issues Nigeria air travelers and airline passengers grapple with when traveling. From the long security lines, overbooked flights and flight delays to bumpy flights, lost baggage and poor customer relations. However there are regulations put in place by the Nigerian government to protect the rights of consumers traveling by air. Take the quiz […]

Warranty And Guaranty: What I Should Know As A Nigerian Consumer

My wife and I got talking when she returned home from the sales and marketing of some electronics products she recently dabbled into. As expected, the market terrain for products considered as “Luxury” was a bit tough, no thanks to the biting economic crunch. She complained about how dealers are unwilling to make purchases because […]

The 8 Consumer Rights of every Nigerian

Do you know you have consumer rights as a Nigerian consumer that are fully backed by the law? How many times have you been wrongly treated by product manufacturers and service providers that you wish there is a way to seek redress and compensation? You have consumer rights as a Nigerian and you should know […]

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