BVN deadline: Fraudsters on rampage, as EFCC calls for vigilance

Fraudsters, disguising as Bank Verification Number (BVN) registration agents online with intention to get access to banks customers accounts, are on rampage, Daily Trust checks have revealed.

The extended deadline for the BVN registration ends on Saturday, October 31, with the   Central Bank of Nigeria maintaining there would be no further extension.

The BVN is a process that captures all banks customers’ biometric data in order to improve the Know Your Customer (KYC) of the banks and reduce fraudulent transactions in the country.

The fraudsters have been sending various email massages to customers, using names of banks, as well as inviting the customers to register for BVN through their online platforms as a trick to get access to customers’ information.

One sample of the emails sent to customers seen by the Daily Trust  reads as follows:

Dear User,

Please note that your Access Online Account has been disabled to transact with your card internationally at the ATM, POS or online. Kindly re-validate your BVN number with your online account, follow our site here immediately htttp::://<>. Your account will be disabled if you fail to go through this process completely. To add security features to your account, sign in through here htttp:::// <>.

To this effect, GTBank  and Ecobank have sent  separate messages  to their customers urging them to ignore such emails as they are fake.

Also, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has urged bank customers to exercise caution in dealing with emails sent in the name of banks. Ibrahim Shazali of the EFCC Abuja Office said that in most cases, the fraudsters uses suspicious names to open accounts or uses regular email such as yahoo or gmail, unlike the genuine banks which use their personal domain names to send massages.

Daily Trust

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