Buying Guide for an artificial Christmas Tree

If you’ve decided to buy an artificial Christmas tree this Christmas, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping to get the best quality for your money.


1. Keep size in mind

Artificial Christmas trees come in every shape and size so it’s easy to fit one into any living space, but it’s important to decide on where the tree will go. Generally speaking, they range from 4ft to 12ft. Most people opt for a 7ft tree, which fits in the average sized living room

Take measurements in advance and make sure there’s enough room in the corner or surrounding area for the tree. Generally it’s best to keep about 2 feet of space between the top of the tree and the ceiling, especially if you want to top the tree with a star.

2. Branches

The main quality that makes a difference with an artificial tree is its branches. Namely, the needles. Some have long needles others have short stubs. If forced to choose, we’d veer towards a longer-needled option. But really, go for the medium-sized needle. Attachable branches mean that you can decide on how full you want the tree to be, and of course, also means easy set up and compact storage when the tree is not in use.

3. Go for PVC

Most artificial trees are made from PVC, which is the best material in this case — although not ideal in general — since it’s flame-retardant (doesn’t catch fire easily) and doesn’t fade. That said, always keep artificial trees away from corners and spaces that are too close to electrical outlets or too cramped. Use an extension cord if need be. One plus? The tree won’t shed, so you won’t have needles lying all around the floor.

4. Metal or Plastic Stand?

Smaller trees might be okay with just a plastic stand, but for larger trees definitely opt for a metal stand, which are sturdier and will be able to hold up over time.

5. Price

7ft trees come as low as N9,000, but you can spend over N25,000 or more if you want too. Spending as much as you can is worth it: a cheap tree will probably look cheap. For a mid-range quality Christmas tree, be prepared to spend between N12,000 and N20,000.

You can also get below N9,000 but that would most likely be shorter and less quality brands.


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