Bajaj unveils home appliances for the Nigeria Consumers

Indian manufacturing conglomerate Bajaj Electricals Limited has launched its range of home appliances in Nigeria.

A subsidiary of Bajaj Group of Companies, Bajaj Electricals Limited, has, for seven-and-half decades, impacted the global industrial landscape and the Indian economy, charting the course in small appliances, including lightings, transmission towers, special projects and power distribution.

To enhance distribution, the company  named Polaris Trade and Logistics Limited (PTL) its distributors.

Executive Vice President, Bajaj Electricals Limited, Pradeep Patil, told a group of traders, salesmen and brand ambassadors at the Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, venue of the launch, that  Bajaj is an enigma in small appliances and a market leader in fans, lightings and power distribution.

He said: “Bajaj Electricals has through its wide range of products provided convenience and happiness to millions of homes in India and other international markets… and with the same passion and commitment we will proudly assert these world-class products in Nigeria.”

Patil, who is the company’s Business Unit Head, Kitchen Appliances, said: “Appliances isn’t only about quality products but the overall experience of the users and our goal, just as we did in India, is to change the experience of users and bring happiness to many more homes in Nigeria.”

He applauded PTL, Bajaj local partners, describing the company’s experience in brand management and customer service as unprecedented with full infrastructure facilities for distribution, sales and aftermarket services nationwide.

“With the vast experience of our partners in Nigeria, we will continue to expand our network and introduce new and world-class products and inspire trust,” Patil said.

Reassuring of the quality and reliability of Bajaj products, PTL’s Managing Director, Mr. Parimal Vipani at the success of Bajaj two-wheeler and tricycles commonly used for commercial transportation in Nigeria as evidence of Bajaj ingenuity, reaffirming the technological excellence of Bajaj in home appliances.

“Bajaj products are strong and durable and I’m convinced it will be an added value to each and every household of Nigerian family,” Vipani assured.

He continued: “PTL has demonstrated exceptional resilience in brand management with uninterrupted network of branches across the country’s six geo-political zones that would speed up the distribution of Bajaj products and services to customers regardless of their locations.

“Within the group, we already have good infrastructure and network of branches across the country through which we shall be able to distribute Bajaj products and services to our customers.

Earlier, the High Commissioner of India, Mr. A. R. Ghanashyam praised the initiative of the duo of Bajaj Electricals and Polaris Trade and Logistics for introducing Bajaj appliances to Nigeria.

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