Air-Travel: Do You Know Your Rights? Find Out Now!

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There are many issues Nigeria air travelers and airline passengers grapple with when traveling. From the long security lines, overbooked flights and flight delays to bumpy flights, lost baggage and poor customer relations. However there are regulations put in place by the Nigerian government to protect the rights of consumers traveling by air. Take the quiz below to find out how much you know of your air-travel rights in this regard.

If an airline oversold tickets on your flight, you cannot be denied boarding if you have a confirmed seat reservation.

According to section 19.3.2, Part 19 of the Nigerian Civil Aviation on Consumer Protection Regulations, an air carrier may overbook a scheduled flight in contemplation of the possibility of some passengers not showing up for that flight. Section 19.4.1 outline actions to take in case of oversold flight. Both actions however allow passenger to be denied boarding voluntarily or involuntarily.


Click here to download the Civil Aviation Regulations – Part 19 of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Act, 2006

Part 19 deals with Passengers’ Rights and Responsibilities and Airlines’ Obligations to Passengers. This Part addresses consumer protection issues, including, compensations for denied boarding, delays and cancellations of flights.




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