Who we are

NigeriaConsumers.com is a proudly Nigerian consumer review website committed to informing and empowering the Nigeria consumers.

What we do

We seek to provide the Nigerian consumers with information on existing, new and emerging products and services in the marketplace. We offer objective and unbiased reviews on these products and services through our team of experts and users as well as provide existing customers of these products and services with the opportunity to do the same.

We seek to provide a forum for consumers to meet and discuss their experiences as well as provide information, tips, guides and directions on what to buy, how to buy and where to buy.

We are also committed to providing opportunity for Nigerians to review and rate products and services they purchase thereby providing useful feedback for the service providers and manufacturers as well as the future and potential consumers of these products and services.

Statement of beliefs

Through the power of information and activities on this site, we believe that the following

  1. That people could make wiser and more informed purchase decisions and therefore maximize the values they enjoy from the money they spend
  2. We believe that activities on the website would promote and increase accountability and healthy competition in the market place and ultimately benefit both producers and consumers in the country.

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