7 Ways Nigerians Can Help Save the Naira – Murray-Bruce

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce believes that common Nigerians can help save the economy. Via social media interactions, the Senator is calling on Nigerians to #BuyNaijaToSaveTheNaira‬.

He believes that the Naira can regain its value if Nigerians focus on the local economy. According to the senator here are 7 ways Nigerians can help save the Naira:

  • Eat Nasco Cornflakes instead of Kellogg’s
  • Take pap instead of oats
  • Drink palmwine instead of Champagne
  • Support Local Football clubs instead of foreign clubs
  • Buy Made in Nigeria cars instead of foreign products
  • Wear Made in Nigeria clothes
  • Eat Ofada rice instead of foreign rice

Nigeria Bulletin

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