7 Costly Driving Habits that will Drain your Wallet

Check out the following driving habits that will affect your car negatively and cost you avoidable repairs and fixes.

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Every driver that has been driving for a while are bound to pick up certain driving habits, either unconsciously or deliberately. Sometimes, we embrace this habits because we think they are cool, not knowing their negative consequences. According to BRIGHT SIDE, following are proven driving habits that are costly and can drain your wallet of cash that could be used for other purposes.

1. Resting your hand on gear shift

First, because a good and safety-conscious driver drives with two hands on the wheel. Secondly, pressure on the gear stick can affect the synchronizers and gear shifting causing transmission problems and potential repairs.

2. Refueling only when the tank is almost empty

This will allow dirt and sediments that settle at the bottom of fuel tank to enter the fuel filter and pump causing major problems.

3. Frequent and sharp braking

Braking frequently and sharply is another poor driving habit. Doing this can damage the brake pads and discs. It is always better to keep the simple rule of keeping a good distance from other vehicles as much as possible. Then learn the art of proper braking.

4. Ignoring suspicious sound

Develop the habit of always listening for unusual and creaking sounds from your vehicle. They indicate that there is a problem with the vehicle that needs to be fixed. That means tuning down the noise from speakers and deliberately listening to confirm if all if well with the vehicle.

5. Not using the Hand Brake

When you park your vehicle especially on a slope or incline, ensure that you use the handbrake. The handbrake otherwise know as the parking brake is used to immobilize every part of the vehicle. Do this by first holding the foot brake down, shifting the gear into Park, pulling the handbrake and then releasing the foot brake.

6. Running a cold engine at high revs

This is another one of the poor driving habits that can weakening your engine. General, most modern engine do not need warming up. However, it is always better to keep the engine rev below 2000 rpms until the vehicle temperature indicates operating condition. In cold weather, it is essential to leave the engine running for 1 – 2 minutes before pulling away. Spend the that time cleaning your car or checking the conditions of other important things in the vehicle.

7. Keeping your foot on the brake when driving downhill

Many people engage in this poor driving habit because they think it prepares them to stop at any moment. This overheats the braking systems as well as the brake pads and discs. If you are driving a manual vehicle, shift to a lower gear and initiate engine braking. This helps reduce the demands on the brakes by slowing the vehicle down.

If driving a vehicle with automatic gear, shifts the gear to one of the other gear positions like OD (i.e. overdrive) or D1 and D2 to achieve the same result as above.

Finally, remember that patience is the major key to safe driving. Share this article with others and help them save their wallets.

If you know of any other poor driving habits or disagree with some of our suggestions, please share in the comment section.



This article is culled from this video –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivkiks3wypY. You may watch it for more details.


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