44 million telephone lines in Nigeria are not active — NCC

It hasn’t been a good start to the year 2014 for the telecoms operators in Nigeria. According to recent statistics obtained from the Nigeria Communications Commission, a total of about 44million (44,665,145) connected telephone lines were dormant in the month of January 2014. This represents 25.82 per cent of the total number of connected lines.

While the total number of connected of lines by the end of January 2014 stood at 172,625,725, the number of active lines stood at 127,960,580. This means that 44,665,145 lines (25.82 per cent) of the total lines connected were dormant for the period under review.

The statistics also showed the declining fortune of fixed telephony in the country as the number active fixed lines came down to just 365,433 lines.

Reasons outlined for the high rate of inactivity of the lines provided by the digital mobile networks operating in the country include the poor services, which have characterised the networks in recent times and the high rate of promotions targeted at attracting new subscribers. Subscribers who are frustrated by services provided find it more convenient and cheaper to switch SIMS and abandon the unsatisfactory network. This is further fuelled by the introduction of promos designed to woo subscribers. Some of these promos are specifically targeted at wooing over subscribers over from rival networks.

The introduction of Mobile Number Portability in May 2013 was expected to stem the tide of the high churn rate as subscribers can still retain their numbers when they move to another network they dim to be more efficient.

44.7 million telephone lines dormant —NCC

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1 thought on “44 million telephone lines in Nigeria are not active — NCC

  • Niyi


    Apparently, the NCC needs to step in and resolve the issue of holding multiple lines for all networks. It makes no sense having several mobile lines for personal use. One will possibly be used more than all others combined also meaning that the others would be largely underutilized.

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