4 Key Points to Consider When Buying a Smartphone


I am not a smartphone freak but I have used a couple of smartphones in the last five years from different manufacturers. That list includes BlackBerry, Injoo, Huawei and Infinix. Most of the phones can be termed mid-range averagely-priced smartphones ranging from N80,000 and N25,000.
Two main reasons have been responsible for changing of these phones – phone damages or dissatisfaction with the smartphone’s performance. Consequently, the 4 important points I am highlighting here are connected directly or indirectly to these reasons and based on personal experience. If you therefore consider these points when next you are buying a smartphone, you will cut down on the chances of the need to quickly replace the phone again due to any of the two reasons stated above.

1. The Internal Memory

When I got my first Android smartphone, I made the big mistake of not attaching enough importance to the size of the Internal memory. That phone has an internal memory of 1 GB with 70% of it already containing pre-installed applications which cannot be uninstalled by default. Once I connected to the internet, some of these apps notified me of available updates. I happily decided to update all but to my utter dismay, the internal memory was completely maxed out. Some updates even failed due to lack of space and I could not even install any other additional app of my own.

At the end I had to reverse the updates in order to have space to install just a few of my own apps. This problem persists even after buying a memory card because every app still requires a little space from the internal memory even when it is possible to install that app on the external memory. Sadly, I knew right then that I will not be using the phone for a long time.

I will recommend going for nothing less than 2GB internal memory with at least 75% of it free after all the pre-installed apps. Many low-end smartphones are guilty of this flaw.

2. The Screen

Well, this is another reason many visit smartphone “engineers”. Seems it is inevitable we have to all drop our phone at a point in time. The only thing to probably hope for is that when it does happen eventually, it will drop on our cushion, pillow or bed and not on the office or church marble floor.

I read somewhere that the industry and many smartphone users now prefer those screens that feel and look like glass because they have a clear surface, can be easily cleaned of smears and fingerprints and are quite resistant to scratch. Well! Be careful when that is your only attraction because the more “glassy” they look, the more easily they break.

My oldest smartphone that has survived many falls has a plastic-like screen. It recently got cracked but it was a small crack with no further messy black ink damage. I guess what I am simply trying to say is that if you are used to dropping things, go for those screens that feels less like “glass”. Their “breaking” can be messy and fatal, except if you can get a good screen protector for them.

3. Fixed or Removable Battery

Well, I have heard some experts said that fixed batteries are stronger, more durable and last longer than removable batteries. The problem is when your smartphone suffers a problem (e.g. hanging or freezing) that a simple battery pull would possibly resolved. You have to start thinking of a visit to an approved customer service technician which may or may not be close to you.

This is because if you rush the phone to some of our freelance “smartphone engineers” in a quick-fix move and they open up the phone and something goes wrong, taking it back to a manufacturer approved technician would become an issue as they may charge you some outrageous fee because you have purportedly “voided” the warranty on the phone since you gave it to an unapproved person to open.

4 Availability and Proximity to Manufacturer-approved Technicians

I do not need to give any more detail on this as I touched on it in the last section. You will lose motivation to repair some phones once you realize the risk and the effort it may take to fix even simple issues that may arise with the phones. You can imagine being asked to repair a phone for half of the price you bought it because it is no longer under warranty.

When you buy a smartphone and the manufacturer’s customer service center is hundreds of kilometer away, you will lose days, weeks and maybe months getting the manufacturer to fix any problems the phone may develop and may be forced to turn to our popular “engineers”.

So people, when next you are considering buying a smartphone, you may want to consider these 4 points and weight their pros and cons before making a choice on whether to buy or not. If you have other points based on experience, please feel free to share.

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1 thought on “4 Key Points to Consider When Buying a Smartphone

  • Ayo


    Well said. Another thing to watch out for is the “battery life”, get a phone with a strong battery. Don’t go for anything lower than 3000mAh if you really want to enjoy your smart phone. And don’t leave out the fast charge feature.

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