10 tips to make moving homes easier and less stressful

moving homes

Moving homes or moving to a new home is often considered to be one of the top stressful situations and moments in life. You can however reduce the stress associated with this event by following some of the tips described below.

1. Moving Homes? Start by Planning Ahead

As much as it is not an emergency movement, start planning early. Start with at least a month ahead. Try and fully utilize the weekends if you are fully engaged at work during the weekdays. Do not wait till the last minute before you start making plans to move. If you do, there is a great likelihood that your experience will end up to be a very stressful one.

2. Start sorting and disposal early

Never wait till the last minute before you start sorting your belongings. Sort into two initial categories namely – MOVING and NOT MOVING. Some of the NOT MOVING items may be in good state while some may just be broken and damaged items needlessly occupying space in your current home.

3. Dispose your unwanted items – Give away or sell them

If you wish, you can give away some of the items you do not want to move with. Items like clothes, shoes can be easily given away. You can also consider selling off some of these items. Today, you can sell second-hand items online through websites such Jiji, OLX, Gidimarket, etc. The earlier you put them on for sale, the better chance of getting rid of the item before the D-day.

4. Empty and reduce your food stock

If you are one of those who stock their stores, freezers and refrigerators with bulk food items, start reducing the items at least a month ahead of the planned movement date. Place a temporary embargo on all bulk food purchase. Eat what you have. If you run out of a food item and you need to replace it, replace only as minimally as possible.

5. Get and label empty cartons, boxes and bags

Get yourself some cartons, boxes and bags to move your small size items. The popular Ghana-Must-Go bags are commonly used. Label them with the names of their destination rooms e.g. Kitchen, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Dining Room, Bathroom, etc.

6. Pack smartly

Start packing items several days before the movement day. Pack the less frequently used items first and leave the frequently used one till the end. Consider how fragile are the items you are packing as well as their sizes. Put this into consideration when grouping and packing them.

7. Move some items to the new home before the final day

This can reduce the size and cost of truck you will eventually need. It will also allow you move items you consider fragile, valuable and irreplaceable.

8. Prepare for your first nights and days

When you eventually move, it may be challenging and stressful searching for items you will urgently and immediately need. So, prepare for this. Put these items together in where you can easily retrieve them. Examples include toiletries, baby stuffs, bedding material, valuables, work clothes, school uniforms, etc.

It is essentially like packing a suitcase as if you were taking a 2-week vacation.

9. Get the right size truck and hands

Look for a reputable and tested house mover if you plan to use one. Find out from people who have used them before and ensure they are competent, reliable and trustworthy. If you are handling this yourself as it is common in this clime, then make sure you hire a good and suitable truck that would move your items in one single trip. If possible, engage one based on recommendation.

Do not forget to hire hands who will help you load and offload your items too. Be wise and cautious. Hire only hands that are honest, physically fit and can be held accountable.

10. Move Early

On the D-day, ensure you move early. Consider the distance between your old home and the new home. Allow ample time to get your items loaded and off-loaded too. Supervise the off-loading to ensure that packed items are dropped in the right rooms and locations and in line with your previous labeling.

Above all, calm down and do not get worked up. Stay positive, alert and hope for the best.

Good luck and happy moving!

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